Bondra_Doll (xxblackwing95xx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some sales and looking for some clipping figures, and snivy pokecen plush!

I have a few things I'd like to get rid of for some extra cash.

~I ship from Ohio, US
~ US buyers generally preferred.
~I accept payment through Paypal
~Feel free to ask me any questions(:

Totodile Tomy: $2
Misdreavus Kid: $1
Hasbro Mudkip:
Really cute Mudkip figure: $2

Drowzee Tomy: $1
Magikarp Tomy: SOLD
Hasbro Combusken: $2

 Hasbro Seviper: $3

Talking Togepi (still works, just needs new batteries): $5

Glaceon Clearfile: $12


This is a little keychain booklet with all sorts of Kanto fire types in it. It's really pretty cool, but no Pokemon I collect are in it. Small damage on inside front cover with a marker. It includes some really popular ones, like Charizard, Vulpix, Ninetales, Growlithe, Arcanine, and Flareon. About 12 pages. Book itself is about 4 inches. I'm not sure how much these are worth, so just throw out an offer. 
I'd like to keep it around $5 or above though. SOLD for $18 shipped

Mini Marill change-to-pokeball plush (small stain on butt): $2.50

Hasbro Pichu Plush: SOLD

Celebi Mechanical Pencil (pencil and charm are in mint condition): SOLD

Fai's staff necklace from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle: $16 shipped

Now, I am looking for some clipping figures I've recently decided I really want. I am mainly looking for the three B/W starters, but may consider the others.
Also looking to buy a Snivy Pokemon Center Plush(:


Tags: celebi, charizard, combusken, drowzee, flareon, glaceon, magikarp, marill, mudkip, ninetales, oshawott, pichu, sales, seviper, snivy, tepig, togepi, totodile, vulpix, wanted
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