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Sales, Offers, and some Crochet Goodies

Hey there community! No big updates atm, but I have a little bill coming up and thought I'd put up some sales and offers for you guys. Help a sister out? ^^;;

First off, some crocheted items for sale!


Get some crocheted plush Pokeballs! They're made of cotton yarn and stuffed with polyfil. They are just about the size of a baseball and are the perfect size for throwing around, lol. (They also make for WONDERFUL cat toys.... or so I've found out thanks to my own cats consistently hopping on my desk and running off with them. xD) I currently only offer standard red and white pokeballs; I may offer more kinds at a later date, but if there's a certain kind you'd like to get, just let me know and I'll see what I can do! <3

Pokeballs are $8 each, not counting shipping. They're made to order, so don't worry about stock running out or anything. ^^

I also still offer Slowpoketail keychains! These are also made of cotton yarn and stuffed with polyfil. Show your Rocket pride with some tasty, nutritious slowpoketails! :D

Slowpoketails are only $1,000,000 $8 each, not counting shipping. They're also made to order, so feel free to order a bunch! :D

Also, feel free to combine these with anything from my sales post! Remember that I'm willing to haggle on pretty much anything, so don't be shy about asking! ^^

I also have a few things up for offers towards the bottom of my sales page, including Espeon, Leafeon, and Raichu Jakks figures, a special Eeveelution watch, and a few cards. Be sure to have a look!

Finally, I wanted to show you guys a sneak peek of my next crochet project....

Look familiar? :) Well, I'm planning on making one of each of the three monkeys, to possibly auction off on the comm at a later date if there's any interest in them. ^^ I've started on Pansear first 'cause he's my favorite of the trio (surprise surprise, he's a fire type of course!). So, monkey fans, be on the lookout for these cuties coming soon! ^_^

All right, that's all for now. :3 See you around, PKMN Collectors!
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