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Long Time No Post

Hey guys :)

It feels like forever since i made my last post Dx
my stupid wireless connection went down for nearly 3 months :/ we where lucky if we could get a signal for more than 5 mins at a time, i was lucky at times and could come on to view posts and bid on things but other than that i was left wanting to throw our hub out the window xD
thankfully it's fixed now <3 nightmare over xD

Recently i've had to pack up my entire collection as i'm due to have my room redecorated :)
i honestly hate having nothing but boxes lying around my room :( i miss my collections like mad D: not being able to see my beautiful ninetales' is frustrating :/ and having my zukan in a box is nerve wracking D: it didn't hit me untill i had the box in my hand that i was holding at least $500 in my hands O.O gaah!
anyhoo, i'm hoping to have a MASSIVE collection update and re-intro post as soon as my room is finished xD but for now there's a couple of things i HAVE to show off xP and a lot of stuff i've weeded from my collection that i'm offering up as a potential GA :)

first things first  meet my newest plush :D

hmmm i wonder what pokemon it could be xP

Meet Luciana :D

She's an absolutely beautiful ninetales made by the highly talented em_lemon  <3 :D


she's sooo soft! made entierly of faux fur :D (appart from her eyes and the inside of her ears (x ) she's also the biggest ninetales plush i own :D
made 2:1 in size  <3 (i wish i had a pokedoll handy for size comparison xD)

my photos really don't do this plush justice :/

Next up are two magnificent sculptures from a highly talented DA artist :D

First up is a sculpt of my ninetales Luna <3 most of my custom works are named after her <3 she's been my main girl since fire red :D
i absolutely adore this pose xD it's so different to how ninetales is normaly portrayed :D her normal poses always look serious, i love this as it makes her look playful x)

next up is Rannoch :D

My new favourite (after ninetales) pokemon :D i absolutely LOVE sawsbuck! Deer are my next favourite animal after wolves and horses :D so when i saw this guy i died xP deerling is cute but im not loving the eyes :/ i have a thing for pokemon that look as close to the animal they represent as possible xD
the fact that he has 4 forms makes him ultra cool xP
His winter and spring forms are my favourites :D 
Unfortunatly my poor Rannoch had an accident on his journy to me that resulted in a broken antler :(

(stupid glare :/) the detail is amazing :D

I can't get over how crisp the paintwork is :O <3

and finally
While i was packing my collection away i began to realise just how much stuff i had :x not just pokemon xD other things too...but i realised that i really should collect my favourites and not just anything that appeals too me :x
It was tough, but i managed to weed out a few of my collections including, the legendary beasts, a couple of things from my vulpix, poochyena and mightyena collections and a few eeveeloution things too :)
and some kids that came from no where xD somehow they missed my last lot

i don't have the time to sell these all individually, work is draining my free time from me day by day :/
so i'm putting averything up for a GA :D

If anyone is interested in GAing this stuff then let me know :) i'll send you the details in a PM :D
Tags: eevee, mightyena, ninetales, poochyena, sawsbuck, vulpix
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