Sheshy-San (eevee_kins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Prices Lowered and Price Check Plz

I have lots of old school plushes up for 1$ please take them! away I also lowered lots of the prices of the plushes mainly jakks plushes and b/w TRU Plush aswell.If you purchased from me before all packages were shipped out last week and you should be getting them soon,unless your outside the U.S!

Click pic to go to sales!

 I recently won a lot from y!japan and was wondering if some of the items can be identified?as I dont know what they are.Im mostly curious about the small boxes below?The togepi,chikorita,squirtle and pikachus.
Also the lugia and the items in lil net bags are those squishy figures or just big bandai one?

Also if you notice the fuzzy eevee in the picture,I already have one but was wondering how much do they go for?I never seen one up for sale in the community or in someone collection are they really old or just rare?
I know there was a flareon too but just curious about the eevee one since I have one already and be happy to put it up for sale once in hands,so any info on the items below be good thanks!

The dices,quick question I know I seen different dices with different pokemon faces of same pokemon? how where you able to obtain them,where they sold as a set or what.I have 2 eevee dice;s one pink and one brown but I seen other with different expression just wondering ^^ how they came to be thanks for reading guys!

PLEASE NOTE: Im not taking holds on items as there not in hand yet ^^; so do not ask ty!


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