captainangel (captainangel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A plee for TCG cards + auctions

Well, I've had a lot of urges recently to speed up trying to complete my dream goal...
To have all my TCG sets and collections complete, something i've aimed to do for 3-4 years now! :<
I've always loved the cards, more than anything else I collect, and i'm going to continue weeding out my collections for money to buy TCG cards with, until I have them all <3

Here I am making a post to ask if anyone had cards I need, and to offer my items, custom services and/or money for them~ <3 Its been a while since I made a straight forwards want post for cards!

* Cards must be in excellent condition! I'm quite fussy ;_;
* I don't collect reverse holos!

What I have to offer;

My sales post is HERE

My customs post is HERE

Or of course, money, depending slightly on the cost.

The wish lists;

Also looking for...
* The official TCG tins
* Card set folders (for example, looking for a Diamond and Pearl folder to put my D/P set within)
* The official playing coins

These are the only playing coins i have!

Make offers or trades on these!
I dont honestly know what to price these as, so I would love to trade anything for TCG cards :) Or if you want anything that badly, make me an offer to buy!

Items for Offer/Auction
Even though these items are up for auction, i would consider card trades for them! <3
Auctioning these off as im not sure on a price :/

Offers end in 4 days, on the 11th of June.

Seal holders, both contain no pan stickers

Bromide album FULL of bromide cards.
The folder itself is a bit worn but the cards are in great condition!

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