eeveelution (eeveelution) wrote in pkmncollectors,

kari_xiii! i got the palkia and gengar kids yesterday ;u; thank you for the d-rai note!
i also got my alt espeon and umbreon kids from sunyshore today! :D

besides that,
first things first:
i can only accept paypal. i can ship worldwide.
i do not do trades or hold at this time.

super teeny tiny purse! get told by many people about how "big" your purse is! it is blank on the other side. raichu kid is shown for size comparison. only used once. $10 shipped

kids! shipping for $2.
wartortle comes with his box and sticker. Box will be flattened with shipping. $3
gengar is damaged, defaced and very loved. $1
quagsire needs a home. ;n; $2
will let go of all of them for $6 shipped.

i also still have some cards over here!:

one of these days, i will give a collection update but i keep buying stuff :(

while im here... sorry if its offtopic, but a big group of members here use SMJ so hopefully it doesnt hurt to ask.
when should i get worried about not getting an invoice? like, how many days? thanks for any help.
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