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Small Sales and surprising collections!

First, I have small sales! These include some zukan, scale plush, etc. Just some little things. CHECK IT OUT: http://touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/643084.html I was given sales permission back on June 7th, 2011 Anyone who pays today will have their items shipped out tomorrow since that's my shipping day :D EDIT: No, I don't know why my entry is running over into the comments and I can't figure out how to fix x.x but still feel free to comment. I can still see them ;P Anyway, on to the meat of this post. On this comm, we are all sort of associated with what we collect. I collect Togekiss and bugs (and Larvesta, which I'm slowly becoming known for ;D). Gin collects electrics and Raichu. Amber has ghosts, Meowthcollector has...well, take a guess. So I want to know about the items in your collection that might be surprising for others to know you have and cherish! I don't have much Pokemon stuff outside Pichu, Togeline, and bugs, but here's a small sample of some of my collection that many might not know I have and love! I LOVE the turtwig line. They are my favorite starter line ever (turtles are the best). I got this from a Nintendo World pick-up and have never regretted the purchase! I only have four official and one custom pokedoll (and a bootleg keychain :P), so I adore the ones I have! DX Turtwig doll is SO cute! THOSE EYES! I love Torterra and this UFO is perfectly adorable down to the tree detail! We all know our own foureyedalien makes amazing figures! Here's one of her earlier ones. It's a girl Paras and is probably the most adorable custom figure in the entire world! Those eyes! That bow! SO CUTE!!! As I said before, TURTWIG LOVE! I espcially love the shiny version! I was so happy to partake in a shiny kid GA on here and get my Twiggy poo <3 his colors are absolutely GORGEOUS! ESPEON ZUKAN!!! I've been wanting an Espeon zukan piece for ages because I always have one on my GSC/HGSS team because I just love Espeon! I had an amazing one in my Crystal version back in the day. This one was a gift from my friend and as such is extremely important to me. This zukan piece is perfect and I'm so happy to have her <3 This little frog here is one of my favorite pokemon. So CUUUUTE! I've had this plush since pretty much it came out like 4 years ago. It's adorable and really loved. Unlike Torterra or Twig or pretty much any of my other plush, the fur is pilled and not at all mint. If you compare the photos, you can see just how loved this gunk is. And it is loved. I had this gunk on my headboard of my dorm bed. Then the person I'd been dating for years broke up with me. It was a hard time. I went to bed that night so sad. I had always cuddled a plush this person had given me at night, but I threw it out and was left with nothing. Croagunk had been on my headboard for months and had not budged. I woke up that next morning snuggling him in my arms. It sounds silly, but it was comforting. I slept with this plush like every night after that until I got over it. Little gunk helped me through. He has a ton of sentimental value to me and will always have a home with me <3 Oh yeah, if you push where the red writing is on his foot, his cheeks light up. Really cool :D
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