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i was wondering what the cost is for around these guys, and how rare they are to find?

chimeco ufo
marshtomp ufo
whishcash pokedoll
also does anyone have the torchic backpack? id love to get one for my best friend whom collects the torchic line

wanted plush and small collection update under cut

. im also looking for the UFO floatzel plush *w* as ive decided to start collecting the water weasel line, while mainly focusing on floatzel <3  i would prefer to trade atm as im bidding on a pokedoll that ive been wanting and would like to save up some money for that in case i get competition.

my very small shelder collection, the custom on the far left was created by captianangel. the first pokemon that i ever found out about actually wasnt pikachu it was a shelder :) i had never thought to collect his merchandise before i got my hands on the little chibi stamp <3 so not only does he have a place in my heart as being the first pokemon i ever saw, hes also got a spot in my heart for collecting <333 i hope to get the zukan of him sometime soon as well :)

and heres a secret i bet you guys didnt know about me :3
i collect plush backpacks c: the ones i have so far are pikachu, raichu, gengar, poliwhirl, jigglypuff, squirtle *not pictured* and the others are black mokona, a wolf bacpack and ryu tenchi

and finally heres a teaser for my next collection update :3

thanks again everyone <3

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