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Kind of Sad Multipurpose Post :(

First things first, for those of you who took part in the fun PokeDoll GA, we sadly lost :(

If I ever come across a similar GA, I will do my best to host it and help us win next time! ;_;

Now for part two of this multi-part post...knock on wood I've been able to order everything (I really hope they get here soon!! ;n; ) shown in this picture...

...EXCEPT for the file boxes!! D: I know that this was an especially popular promotion, and that everything sold out quickly the first day, but I still have to ask:  Does anyone know if the file boxes are back in stock?  Or, if anyone online is selling them?

ALSO, all promotions I've seen have had "preview" images like the one above^^^, but there ends up being more different items than what's actually shown.  So, another question I have, is:  Does anyone know what, if any, extra items are part of this promotion and if anyone is selling them?  And if there are extra items, does anyone happen to have a list of all the items included in this promotion?

The last part of my multipurpose post (which I apologize for the lack of images D; ) is a shameless sales you can guess, all of this purchasing has really put a major MAJOR dent in my bank account, so my prices are low as always but I have added my Christmas Plate Set to the list of items available! :) Everything MUST GO, so please take a look around!

Click here for sales! :D

Thank you all very much for looking! :D
Tags: charizard, misdreavus, mismagius, pichu, pikachu, rayquaza, sales, squirtle, togekiss, zekrom
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