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Intro Post, Collection Show-Off

 Hi fellow collectors! First time posting, thought I'd introduce myself :)

So, I've been a Pokemon Collector since it hit big in America... 1998/1999 or so. I bought mostly the cards, since I was 10 and didn't have enough money to get plushies or... anything else really. I had a few things back then and I kept everything stored away until a couple of years ago when I realized "wow, kawaii is fun". And since then I've started collecting. En mass. Everything Mew and Super Kawaii Pikachus.
What's funny is I didn't care for Mew originally. I <3ed Vulpix. But when the Pokemon Center was still online (what was that, like 4 years ago?) and I had a chance to buy plushies and "real merch" I lost my love for the firey fox and gained lovin for the pink kitty.

What's really cool is having a nice job to be able to afford to have a collection, but it does suck that working takes up so much time so I loose out on bids :(
So if anyone has pretty much any Mew merch they haven't sold yet, I'll most likely buy it from you. At good prices too :)
Pikachu: I'm a little picky on. I'll only buy super kawaii (cute) plush or figures, or merch that has a use to it (containers, binders, notepads, towels, etc)

Here's my collection so far.

The bulk of the collection. I'm obsessed with organization. It's modest right now... I'm hoping for it to be obscene XD
I got 100% of my collection (minus the few things I saved from childhood) from ebay. (sorry Pkmncollectors! But I keep missing out on sales!)
You might notice most of the Mews don't have their "eyebrows". I call them angry eyes. I actually hate those big black lines on the cute little pink plushies, so I very carefully seam rip them off. I don't mind if it looses the value; don't plan on re-selling them anyway :| And I've gotten really good so now you can't even tell they were there.

Close up of the boxes.
Row 1: Terry cloth Mew in the left top came in a set with the Kanto starter pokemon. Walking Mew, Pokedoll Mew.
Row 2: Knitted mew, figure collection, and that common Mew that's always on ebay.

Even closer up on the little figures.
Row 1: The vinyl soft mew, the BK light up (BS light up), the Jakks figure.
Row 2: The roller from my original collection from 1998, the common kid figure, another old original figure, the new ugly-ish figure, and another old original. I love the kid figures! But no one seems to want to give them up :(

The bulk spill off.
The little scrunchie on the left, the first Mew plush I got that I took the angry eyes off... too bad I wasn't very careful and ripped a little too deep, the scale figure, and some kind of coin bank with green eyes. And the towel! Too cute, so I framed it X)

Big Mew I won in an auction for pretty reasonable. SO FOOFY. It's wearing my first custom, a little 1" charm made by an etsy/deviantart user.

I liek Pikachu too. The big ol pillow came from a Japanese import store for only $20, not bad!

My favorites. I love all things Flying Pikachu and Frooty Pikachu. And there's a Raichu press night light... no idea the origin- From my original 1998 collection.

I think the left Pika was my first plush. Got it at Target in 1998. Pika Burger King figure, Pika poke doll, old Pika coin bank from original collection, old Pika clip from original collection.

I got the end Pikas and Kanto starter plushies with the terrycloth Mew in the left box on the top. The Kanto starters are terrycloth too and very cute. The sleeping Pika is terrycloth and cute. The Pikas on the end are okay... they cap things off I guess.

I also have chest tattoos of Mew and Dragonair.... and a 1/2 sleeve on my arm of a few pokemon (mew, skitty, oddish, vulpix, espeon, pikachu) that's being worked on. I'm getting the sleeve colored on Friday, so I'll be sure to post that pic when it's done.

Nice to meet you all! I'm sure you'll see more of me :P
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