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whitewolflarka GA

Good evening collectors! Tonight cuddlefist and I bring you a GA of goodies belonging to whitewolflarka!

Up for grabs are some plush, kids, flats, and some other figurines. Lots of great Pokemon to be had. Click the pictures for close-ups! :3

Rules and info:
-Auction ends in 7 days, at 8:30 pm PST -> countdown clock TBA~
-I'll be handling threads, cuddlefist will be handling bidding and spreadsheets. Shipping is TBD, as it depends on the Canada Post strike situation at the time of this GAs' end. :)
-I will be claiming the Ninetales plush for $20+ and will possibly bid normally on a few kids, cuddlefist will be claiming the Poochyena UFO and Mightyena pencil topper for $55+, and is willing to go higher
-There will be 2 payments - the first will be right after the auction, so please be prepared to pay right away! Second is, of course, for shipping from one of us to you.
-As usual, no sniping, deleting comments or backing out of your bids! Don't bid what you can't afford please.
-Bid in increments of $1 for everything else - save for flats, which are in 50 cent increments.
-The DS and phone in the picture aren't included. xD;

Happy bidding! Please ask any and all questions if you have them. ^_^

Please wait to bid till all threads are up.
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