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Doujin update

Howdy guys! I mentioned about getting some new doujins in my last post, and got them a little after. I put it off posting here due to laziness.

These two doujins are from the circle "OrenG" who also did some Volkner/Flint doujins in the past.

You can guess what these doujins are about! (The title of the left doujin says "Hiyahiya Seikatsu" iirc)
The stories are pretty simple and has some comedic parts. The main story of "3Sun" has Cress and Panpour walking in some park where they see a ~*~Beautiful Simipour~*~. Cress decides to look for a water stone, across mountains and deserts, with Panpour tagging along. So, he finally fines a stone...a fire stone. He angerly throws it down. So, they both come back to the restaurant, and I guess Cress decides to keep Panpour the way it is. I forgot the second, shorter story. :(

"Hiyahiya" has more Simipour hijinks. So Chili finds out this Simipour is now doing part-time work at the restaurant. Chili gets a bit jealous as it seems to do a better job than him (well, except writing down orders, since it can't write at all but chicken-scratch, so Chili helps). After some bonding time (G-rated of course!), Chili finds it missing the next day and is told that it left, the job is done. It did leave a folded note for Chili, which is a drawing of a heart. I think Cilan mentions it being a girl. The second, shorter story has them doing some dance moves but decide to do it separately. What ends up is Chili being all hip-hop, Cilan doing ballet, and Cress doing flamenco, iirc. Fun stuff!
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