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BW Kids Sale Slots Part II

Looks like the next set of kids is ready to ship to me already! As such, if you claimed anything in the other post, you can also claim kids from here and save with combined shipping from dukeburger to you. Each kid will be $7.50 (which includes shipping to me and fees) + a second small payment of US to you shipping, and I'm looking for someone in the US who is willing to ship these out to people (as I live in expensive Canadaland). I WILL GIVE YOU A DISCOUNT!! on the kids you want to claim for the favour! PLEASE be ready to pay in a week or two's time, you're committing to pay if you're putting yourself down for a kid!

The kids I am keeping have a small chance of being available: Victini, Swoobat, Lampent, Krokorok and Venipede So if you reserve a slot for one then you probably won't get one, but who knows, right?? There are up to 5 kids that will be repeated, sooo.

I'll take two slots per (maybe) kid and 3 per the others. If someone backs out the next person in line will get the kid! Unless you have a good reason I will leave negative feedback if you back out, though.


Victini: (maybe)
Dewott: tagami_yami, megami36
Beartic: molly_bot
Swoobat: (maybe)
Lampent: (maybe) nightmare_chan2
Krokorok: (maybe)
Joltik: vodka_mutini, tagami_yami
Venipede: (maybe) vodka_mutini, tagami_yami

Aaaand for this lot:

There are still some slots left, including Tepig and Panpour who you are 100% guaranteed to get! I'll still take claims for the others with the chance of getting extras.
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