majoradrakken (majoradrakken) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Early birds get the worm

Okay, so like, I will ship out today!
So sorry for the uber long wait. D:
And, like. I totally got some new stuff as well? :D

DISPLAY BOX. DIALGA AND PALKIA. @_@ The lady said I could HAVE it <3 It now holds little figures and bulky pokeballs D:<

:O My pokemon shirt, that I bought from hottopic in december. <3 Just to let you know, yes I'm a guy XD

<3!! Omg my strap collection is growing!! Now if I could just get Kyogre and Chatot..

And I have a question..
Is anyone interested in 2 giant meowths and maybe a giant jakk's pikachu plushie? I won a mega lot on ebay, and I already have a meowth.
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