Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,


come check out such wonderful things as bobble head shinx and lion coins and custom plushies and puzzles and button/badgers and MORE!!!!!

got wobbly bobble head shinx today! this baby is huge, like 4 inches tall, and her head slowly wobbles left and right. eeeeeeeeeeee!! and so random... kolink in a set of buneary, pikachu, and lucario? isnt that usually supposed to be pocchama in there? we suspect a high possibility of one of the kids getting a kolink in the anime (because gligar merch started to show up around 4-5 months before they ever caught one). what do you think?

again... hopping shinx... with pikachu and darkrai? so random... IM NOT COMPLAINING!!

kolink can badge collection! YAY!!! finally the lions show up on the can badges!!! :D

spiffy, shiny new luxray coin! odd that shinx didnt get one yet, but luxio and luxray did?

NEW CRYSTAL PUZZLE AND ITS ALLLL ELECTRIC, STARRING SHINX!! so cute! and looks so good with the older luxray puzzle! wheeee!

check it out... i managed to get luxray pop up AND all three lion menkos. sexy stuff.

the "official" photo of my lone pichu luxray! wheee! i love the way she is sitting;-;

fuzzy little 'tardray by setsunakou :D i had credit with her for doing her a favour and well.... here is luxray! pretty cute, i think. am i just biased to love luxray?

last but not least... not too bad for bootlegs. i guess D:

and here is the gang!

also for some reason i seem to have amassed NINE people who asked for stuff/confirmed wanting things but have not paid D: unless you are one of the people whos already talked to me about a circumstance, please do so i can get organized before i update sunyshore ;-; argh. ashketchum, i havent heard a thing from you. unowncafe??? please check the list, guys, make sure you arent on it. :>
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