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GA#12 by couchpotatonet

GA#12 by couchpotatonet


6 days for this auction.




- Granted sales permission on 03/10/11 by denkimouse

- All standard community and GA rules apply!

- Bidding will end on Tuesday, June 14th @ 12 am (Midnight) CST

- Please make bids in response to previous bids, with increments of at least $1

- Any thread with a bid placed in the last five minutes of the auction will be extended until 5 minutes has passed without a bid.

- No deleting bids or backing out.

-  Bids are in increments of $1.

- You must be ready to pay immediately once the invoice is in.

- There will be 2 payments. 

                Payment 1 – auction price + shipping & fees to me 

                Payment 2 – shipping & fees from me to you

-  I will be shipping from USA 72758.  The auction is located in the USA

- Seller is charging $25.95 shipping

-  I will not be claiming anything.  I will bid with everyone else. 





Please wait while I create threads, Thanks.
Threads are up.  You may bid now.

Bidding is over.
We Won the auction.  PMs will be sent out shortly.

Tags: aipom, blastoise, bonsly, buizel, carnivine, cherrim, corphish, cranidos, croagunk, deoxys, dialga, drifloon, electivire, feebas, figures, gengar, geodude, glameow, golduck, golem, group auction, kricketot, latias, latios, lickitung, lucario, ludicolo, lugia, machamp, makuhita, mantyke, medicham, metagross, mime jr., misdreavus, monferno, mudkip, munchlax, palkia, phanpy, pikachu, ponyta, poochyena, rattata, rhydon, riolu, roselia, salamence, shellos, slowbro, sneasel, squirtle, sudowoodo, togepi, turtwig, weavile
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