Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Some Art Updates, along with some collection stuff

This post is to my commissioner's I've finished two pics, one is being inked, and the other (though more of a gift) is half way finished coloring.

Also took pics of my "special" Luxray doll from Regen, and some new suicune cards I got in.

IMAGE HEAVY somewhat! Be warned.

Finished commission for Happy_Jolteon, she won this in an auction and got to choose the coloring for the eevees, she choose regular colors, and left the backdrop up to me:


Finished Commission for Sari_Sumdac (man I hope I got that right correct me if wrong) Of her and her boyfriend as glaceon and umbreon respectivily.


PheonixxFox's Okami scanned in before I started coloring-


I've got a jolteon as an add on for Happy_Jolteon that's fully inked, and Pheonixfoxx's Okami is half way colored! Expect another update soon.


Anyone ever seen the japanese suicune before? I can't place it, info would be awesome! Other card came from sari_sumdac thanks! I really enjoy it. And of course my beaufitful special luxray from regen, he's so great c:

I am open for 3 more commissions of this type. Flat starting price is 25 dollars for up to 3 pokemon. A simple backdrop like the eevee line is 5 dollars. Anything more than that contact me.

I also will do art for items, but it will depend on the item really..I collect suicune and umbreon primarily.
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