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It Is Time...Auction Time!!!


I am auctioning the following Japanese model kits to the community!! Both are mint in the box and were released around 2000, so you can imagine the rarity!! I have the Suicune from this set and it is probably one of my favorite figures in my collection! You assemble the kits yourself, the eyes are stick on decals, and so are Entei's leg bands. The figures are made of a rubbery plastic and they are so easy to put together, "That A Cave Man Can Do It!" Sorry, bad joke...damn Geico!!! Any questions, just ask!!

Raikou  - Highest Bidder - Norkia - $20.00
Entei - Highest Bidder - Enshogirl - $10.00

Bidding starts at $5.00...

Below is a reference photo of the assemebled models, please note the kits up for auction are mint, unassembled, and in their original boxes:

Bidding will end in about a week from today, April 2nd at 1pm...
I am also offering a "Buy It Now" price:

Raikou - BIN - $35.00
Entei - BIN - $30.00
or both for $60.00

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