Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

GA is in!

This GA is in!

These items arrived in sticky, dirty, and downright disgusting condition. I spent about an hour and a half scrubbing, cleaning, and touching up these kids for everyone. Almost all the gunk and dirt came off. (And I touched up many noses!) Now they all look brand spankin' new and are ready to head home! The one I claimed was the worst...never fails >.>

Before: You can't see it but it was covered in dirt and had a scratched up nose.

After: No more dirt and pretty nose!

checkyoufeet your item was not Ash....it was Brock. Zorua used illusion and it was super effective!

mana_mihara , marshallgregson , megami36 you still owe for payment 2
Payment 3 is 2 payments combined!

Spreadsheet is here:
You are paying for package, fee, and shipping! I am also rounding. I am rounding UP and DOWN.
Example: If it's $4.17 then you pay $4. If its $4.91 then you pay $5

Extras are here:
These will be $1.25 each to participants ONLY. (that covers shipping and everything) Whatever they don't claim will go in my sales page

Please send payments to smokey560@hotmail.com I am a derp and forgot this...AGAIN!
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