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Huge sales; eeveelutions and more ahead - plush, custom repaints, cards, etc.

Here's round two of my moving sales! Below I have Eeveelution canvas plush, shiny first generation Eeveelution repaints, and much more; I have lowered the price on select plush, added a lot of new items, and there are also some lot sales.

Please feel free to make offers on anything; I am open to haggling but nothing ridiculous please.

I will be shipping everything here in a couple weeks, so be aware of this delay. I will notify everyone once things have been shipped out. :)

Jolteon and Vaporeon canvas plush: I'm looking for $130 for each of these, but feel free to make offers if you feel that is unreasonable.

Espeon & Umbreon canvas plush - $110 each OBO

Hang-tagless Flareon plush - I'm looking for about $70, you can haggle if this is too much

Eevee/Umbreon/Espeon Pokemon Time Pen: Starts at $10, BIN @ $25

Up for sale are my shiny Eevee evolution repaints that I did a couple years ago.
Unfortunately I am forced to free up a lot of space as the new place I'm moving into will only be half the size of the place I'm living in right now, otherwise I would have definitely kept these. I put a lot of care and detail into repainting and glossing every one of these figures, and I hope they go to great homes. :)

Here's a group shot for reference!

Comparison and closeups! I don't have extra Eevee and Flareon TOMYs, but I hope the idea and quality is clear with these two examples.

I will be starting Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon at $20 each. All auctions (including the Pokemon Time eraser pen) end on Tuesday, June 21st at 10pm PST.

Alternate view of box (comes with a little Pikachu flat square inside):

Pocket Pikachu (works but needs batteries!): $20 OBO
Little Pikachu box: $3

Everything here in excellent to mint condition!
Pichu SOLD, take the rest for $12!

Shoulder Buddy Cyndaquil Plush (mint with tags): $12

Toy Factory Shinx (12", mint without hang tag attached; I can provide this if you like as I have it somewhere): $18
Kiosk Elekid Pokedoll (mint with tags): $18

MIB Poliwhirl Bell Plush: $18

Kids! These come with the figure, candy, and sticker. Glaceon and Houndour are unopened but I typically open these to flatten the boxes when shipping. Let me know if you'd prefer a different method!
Glaceon & Leafeon: $15 each
Manectric/Houndour/Togekiss; $10 each

More Kids! These also come with the figure, candy, and sticker.
Articuno & Kyogre: $8 each
Electivire, Charizard, Salamence: $6 each

Slowpoke line lot: $12 for all!

Slowflats! $5 for all

Pokemon tin! Just pay for shipping and it's yours. :)

Rare Nidorina Pin: $4

Flareon, Poliwhirl, Squirtle, Magnemite, Farfetch'd, Electrode, Magikarp, Hypno: $0.50 each

Jigglypuff, Pidgeot, Abra, Doduo, Grimer, Psyduck, Mewtwo, Oddish: $0.50 each

Vulpix, Dratini, Lugia, Dragonite, Mew, Articuno, Charizard, Magikarp: $1 each

Mewtwo, Bellsprout, Hitmonchan, Tangela, Horsea, Jigglypuff: $0.50 each
Or you can take all of the hiragana cards above as a lot for $10!

Venusaur, Pinsir/Metapod, Gengar/Onix, Zapdos, Team Rocket, Happy Birthday Venusaur: $2 each

Brock, Misty/Horsea, Pikachu/Tentacool, Gyarados: $1 each

Happiny/Piplup playing cards: $2 for all

Chimchar/Dewgong Joker cards: $0.50 for both

Palkia/Dialga/Chimchar/Squirtle playing cards: $3 for all!


Postcards! $2 each
Team Rocket sold


Entire base set, minus Alakazam (1) , Charizard (4), and the trainer card Maintenance (83): $50 OBO, every card has a black backed sleeve and the deckbox is free. It also has a shadowless Venusaur (holo) that I believe I bought for $14 alone. All in excellent to mint condition!

Other cards: $2.50 for all; or free with purchase of anything in this post, just let me know!.

Large round sticker (Chikorita, Pikachu, Togepi)! $3
Tags: articuno, bellsprout, charizard, chikorita, chimchar, cyndaquil, eevee, electivire, electrode, elekid, espeon, flareon, gengar, glaceon, happiny, hitmonchan, horsea, houndour, jigglypuff, jolteon, kyogre, leafeon, magnemite, manectric, mewtwo, nidorina, onix, pichu, pikachu, pinsir, piplup, plush, poliwhirl, psyduck, salamence, sales, shinx, slowbro, slowking, slowpoke, tangela, tentacool, togekiss, togepi, umbreon, vaporeon, zapdos
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