segamew (segamew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update plus Papercrafts!

First off, I like to update you on my Farfetch'D collection thus far. Go and click the adorable photo below to go to my Leek Duck Collection Entry~!

Also, some of you may remember the Pokemon Papercrafts I bought from mamoswine .  Well... they arrived! I bet you are all curious about the included Pokemon. The variety is awesome and I love how they made crafts of every single Pokemon up to Gen 2 (from what I can tell anyway).

Go to the following links to view each of the Pokecrafts! Also, I don't have Sales Permission on this Livejournal Community, so please don't try and get me in trouble or something XP This is all a bunch of eye candy to start out your Friday!

Loose Papercrafts

Gen 1 Papercrafts
Gen 2 Papercrafts
Misc Papercrafts
"No Touchy" Papercrafts
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