Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

someone from germany? + GA reminder

okay so I found an item I want on the German ebay, but they do not ship internationally. So I would love if someone in Germany could help me out! <3 if you think you can, please drop a comment or PM me!

Also, this GA ends a bit over a day from now. There are some epic plush in there! And some have no bids! And look at that Eevee! IT'S SO CUTE! So come and bid on something! :D

click here or picture to go go go!

and heck why not some mini wants...

looking for the Marill magnet in the first picture, and a Marill full color advance series figure I guess it's called

These images are from hardrock pokemon. As much as I like that seller, I wanted to see if anyone on the community has these items first because I'd rather give my money to a community member!

and I want an azumarill sticker album...

I keep seeing it on SMJ but the fees will make it super expensive and don't want to resort to buying it unless I can not find it anywhere else. I'd also love an Azurill one! I know I have seen one before!

anyway, I swear I'll have a collection update someday! You won't believe all the Marills I have when I finally show you! :D
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