Mandy Seley (mandyseley) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Mandy Seley

In Search of Rat Kids

So I recently bought new Rattata/Raticate kids, intending to repaint them into shiny variants.

When I got them in the mail, lo and behold... they both have slightly different paint jobs from the ones I had (mostly the colors for their mouths, pink vs black). The completionist in me won't let me repaint them now, since they're technically unique variations...

So, does anyone have a Rattata or Raticate kid they'd like to sell me? Or the TOMY figures? Maybe both? Ideally I'm looking for 2 of each (both to make it more likely that I'll get an identical to redo, and because if I have 2 to repaint I can also do a "pinkan berry" version!) Condition doesn't matter since I'm looking to repaint, and I'm hoping to pay $1-2+shipping for them.

To un-boring this post, here's a photo of my Rat kids so far, minus the two new additions with different paint jobs. :)

...and for the sake of convenience, a quick list of other wants, if you happen to have any of them you're also looking to get rid of...

+ Rattata/Raticate marbles
+ Rattata clearfile
+ Rattata/Raticate metal figures
+ Rattata battle coin

Thank you!

(EDIT: Tossed in a request for the TOMY figures as well, since why not go ahead and make repaints for them too, heh)
Tags: kids, raticate, rattata, wanted
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