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Want to hear your happy stories

Ok a quick update. I've been getting people asking about the horrendous pokabubu GA. Its been cancelled by Denkimouse. So please no more comments or PMs. Just forget that GA ever happened. 

On another note im glad it was cancelled cause I had to have my hamster put to sleep this morning and the mixed drama was stressing me out. So I just want to update. I want to hear about your luckiest buys you've had where your collection is concerned :)

Mine involves this guy, story under the cut!

So I always assumed Ive never be able to own a Shinx pokedoll as people seem to love to hang onto theirs with a deathgrip.
So I thought, screw it, ill get a bootleg for now until I could come across one on the comm somewhere, I found a UK seller selling their collection on eBay and cause they had the derpiest leafeon bootleg pokedoll ever, also this guy, I ASSUMED hed be a bootleg to. So after a mini bid war I won him for like $18! (after i was totally like shit I just spent that much on a BOOTLEG :| )
But when he arrived though I was shocked, he had the perfect butt tag and is the same material of a shinx pokedoll. Just missing his hang tag. Ive compared him with many Shinx pokedolls and I CANNOT find a fault. I was so happy when I realised he was official, its super lucky too ;3;

So tell me your stories of luck if youve had any like this! Im sure we all take risks to find out it was worth it sometimes n__n

Also, on a second note. Anyone who are waiting on GA items from me, im getting them posted ASAP. Working nights and having to rely on parents for a lift to the post office can delay things, I alsl run out of customs stickers in mid process of getting these ready. (the post office i go to get really anal if i post alot and dont have customs forms attached already =/ ) So im aiming to get some posted tomorrow and the rest posted ASAP. Im so sorry for the delay guys, I hope you all understand :)

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