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First off- hello everyone!! Some of you may have noticed I'd been lurking around
your sales posts and such and I figure I'll come out of the shadows now. So..here is my first post to you guys :) 
I'm new here (and probably could use a little help-make that a lot..) and decided to join very recently. My name is Elise. I'm 18 years old from the U.S. and was a big pokemon fan when it first came out (go Gen 1 and 2!!! :D). I had like next to nothing of the franchise though I loved it very much. I was an avid watcher of the Pokemon anime series  when I was like 7-11ish years old and collected the cards. (I also had a few BK toys once upon a time..what happened to those...) I was so excited when I saw a new pack of cards in stores- on the occasional shopping trips with my mom :P  
Well, sorry I didn't mean to make this post long so I'll end it soon. As to favorites they've stayed pretty much the same and I love them.
My main are raichu, flareon, vaporeon, and dewgong!! (Of course I love others but especially these) Fun fact: Rapidash was my absolute favorite as a little kid and I still like her (if you wanted to know)
I do switch my favorites around sometimes as to order..so they can change slightly. I guess I'm weird like that..
Well I'm excited to meet you guys and see what happens! Thanks for 'readin!

     -P.S. I'll try not to break any rules D:
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