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Pokabu DX!

Hey guys, I just have one quick want!

I'm looking for a Banpresto Pokabu DX plush.

Yeah, this guy!

I've seen them on eBay, but I thought it couldn't hurt to check here first. (Plus, I am kind of "eh" of purchasing any off there, they all use the same picture so it's hard to say if you're getting a bootleg or not.) So if anyone has any in their sales or anything, please point me in your direction :D Thank you~

I'm also starting to hunt for the 1:1 Pokabu and talking (not keychain) Pokabu...because my birthday is in a month and I'd love to get them as a present to myself if I make enough at the con I'm selling art at XD

I just love this derp pig so much <3

Tags: tepig, wanted
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