Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Houndour's,Natu's,Espeon's,Plusle's,and Minun's oh my (and some silly pika's and rai's sneaking in)

mmm Pokedoll Auction (why yes that is a new computer screen fufufu)

I assume all of theses are velboa since they are all from the us pokecenter except plusle,but she feels the same as the others.
They are all suffering from cat fur fuzzies D: I left the room for a second and my fatbutt cats shoved themselves into the box.I rolled most of them with a lint brush,but there might still be some stray cat hairs sticking to them.

Auctions End June 17th 2011 at 5:00 PM PST
I am shipping from California :3 and I ship international C:
1.Paypal only please :)
2.I would like payment within 3 days,but if you need more time you can ask <3
3.All Community Auctions apply,Please don't snipe <3 it only adds 5 minutes to the auction
4.Play nice d: and have fun 83
5.Non payers will have negative feedback left :(

2006 Houndour Pokedoll
:) he's in great condition except for one of his back markings broke from the seam.It seems easily fixed,but I am not an expert on sewing things XD

You can't resist this face ;)

2006 Natu Pokedoll
In great condtion :) I see nothing wrong with him

2006 Espeon Pokedoll
In great condition :) I see nothing wrong with her

2005 Plusle Pokedoll
In great condition :) I see nothing wrong with her

2005 Minun Pokedoll
In great condition :) I see nothing wrong with him

Bought this lot off a ebay <3 so happy ^^

Small assortment of pikachus :3

A non marked up version of the surfing pikachu I picked up when I ga'd for my flareon tfg <3

;__; <3

I don't know what raichu is,but he is adorable <3.
Pikachu creeps me out ;__;,I'll probably at some point enlist someone to paint him for me.

and my gets from the mail <3

I just had to have this when I seen it <3

I've been wanting one of these guys for awhile <3
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