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omg collection update!

Today I went on a Pokémon excursion at the mall/Toys 'r Us with my fiancé and I got some things I wanna share with you guys. <3

To recap, I had just started collecting Pokémon merchandise again and my last post I had just bought the piece to my collection: Salamence UFO plush. I had A LOT more stuff during my childhood when Pokémon first came out in the US, but lost all of them when I was growing up, moving, etc.

But anyway, Salamence was lonely, of course. :c
So over the past month, I've been saving up and getting him some new friends!

Sorry about the dates, our camera is old and won't let me take them off. >:V

Yay, new friends! :D They're all Jakk's Pacific plush (except for Salamence, duh).
I got Drifloon from the amazing caffwin and the Salamence charm, I commissioned the also-amazing reilaa to do for me. ♥

Pokémon cards! We decided to start collecting the cards again, so we bought a B/W themed binder, the starter box with the Victini toy in it, and a couple booster packs. This is only the first page of the binder though, as I didn't feel like taking a picture for each page (our scanner doesn't work at the moment).

But we did get some cool cards! Besides the Zoroark promo card that came with the box, one of the booster packs came with another Zoroark card (71/114, holofoil). >_>

I'll definitely take some more pictures of our cards later.

Well that's all for now! I'm expecting A LOT more packages coming from the mail soon with some more plush and stuff! I ordered a Salamence Kid the other day and should be here soon. ;A;

Haha, I think my collection has come a looong way since my first update. XD
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