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Multi-Pokemon Tattoo 1/2 Sleeve!

 Finally got some color done on my 1/2 sleeve. It was too much to keep going to finish coloring it... my arm started twitching and messing up my artist LOL. Soon enough it will be fully colored and have a background and look like a real sleeve, but I got such good responses from this wonderful community that I'll show you all the progress so far X3

So, for anyone who wants to know, my Poke tat artist is Scott Richardson from Lucky Drive Tattoos in San Rafael, CA. He's the only artist in the area I trust for this style. He has -awesome- prices too; don't pay attention to the $$$ signs in the shop. What's funny too is that he did my chest tats like, 3 years ago, disappeared, then re-appeared when I lost my other artist. It's fate :D

The chest tats are old and need to be re-lined and re-colored. Dragonair was a spur-of-the-moment-can't-remember-another-pokemon-i-like decision... so that's why he's in such a standard pose. Mew I <3 so much with it's crazy tail :3

So here's the front view. You can see a couple Pokes. If you haven't guessed, my inspiration was the "blooming flowers" collection.
This Mew needs to be colored solid, but otherwise it's good. Dats mah kitteh Pepper in the portrait. He has a silly wonky eye that we need to adjust :P. And I wonder if anyone in this comm knows about DomLijah (the wording)(hint: it has to do with Lord of the Rings; one of my other obsessions)

A little closer up.

Much closer up. This was the main area he focused on for today. Aww Pikachu and Oddish.

Close up on the back portion. Cute little Espeon, Bellossom and flying Skitty! (lol my artist calls him Skittles XP)

Here's the top shoulder cap portion. Haha, he used a crappy (excuse my language) machine and the ink didn't stick. But look! It's a cute chibi Vulpix! and a Butterfree!

So that's it! It's going to be a while before I have another coloring session. If anyone with tats knows, the back of the arm is REALLY REALLY SUCKY (edit) but I forgot to say it's worth it. I really do love my pokemon and this poke tat symbolizes it :) The pain fades after a while and the pretty is forever. LOL I was just overreacting before cus I had -just- gotten back from the tat shop.

Hope this inspires more Poke tats! Unite!
Tags: bellossom, butterfree, espeon, mew, pikachu, skitty, vulpix
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