Alice Lorna (lunglock) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Alice Lorna

Collection Weeding Sales!

Hello all, on the 7th I got sales permission from denkimouse! I'm happy to make my first sales post :D

I haven't got a banner or a permanent sales post yet, but just some things I've been wanting to get up on the community for new homes :) I've put quite a few up for offers, you'll find the threads under the post, as I'm not totally sure on how to price things :3

I live in the UK and will ship worldwide
I accept paypal only
Prices do not include shipping
I mainly use recycled packaging/boxes for shipping
Offers will end when they seem to have died down :)

Up for offer: Sealed Arena Adventure - Starts at $8 (close up)

Hasbro Elekid - $2 (small damage on his arm, has been sewn up by previous owner - close up)
Hasbro Psyduck - $3
Hasbro Polliwhirl bnwt - $4
Hasbro Bellossom - $3 (tush tag removed - close up) SOLD

Derpy Pikachu 1 - $2
Derpy Pikachu 2 - $3
Pikachu Backpack - $6 (used with some dirt marks, which should wash off - face close up, ear close up)

Pikachu clips - $3
Sealed Eevee Gacha Dangler - $3 (close up)
Suicune Gacha Dangler - $3
Up for offer: Sealed Medicham Line Zukan - starts at $10
Up for offer: Sealed Manectric Line Zukan - starts at $25 SOLD

Buneary Kid - $1 (paint chipped on ear - close up)
Jirachi Kid - $4
Mime Jr Kid - $4
Blastoise Slider - $2
Squirtle Slider - $1 (some marks may be washable - close up)

Velboa Celebi Pokedoll with tush tag - $16 SOLD
Up for offer: BNWT Banpresto Probopass UFO - starts at $20
Up for offer: BNWT Banpresto Glameow UFO - starts at $10
Up for offer: BNWT Banpresto Cyndaquil - starts at $15 $10 SOLD
Banpresto Chikorita - $5 SOLD
Tags: bellossom, blastoise, buneary, celebi, chikorita, cyndaquil, eevee, electrike, elekid, glameow, jirachi, manectric, medicham, meditite, pikachu, poliwhirl, probopass, psyduck, rhyhorn, sales, squirtle, suicune, zukan
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