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Got it! Vulpix, you're mine!

lineaalba, got the Vulpix! It was short postage (33 cents lol and the postman paid it) but no biggie, if I can't afford 33 cents I need a different hobby.

Wild VULPIX appeared!

Daw, so cute and twee.

I have a somewhat modest Pokemon collection (mostly because a lot of spare money goes into keeping 9 18" dolls in jeans, historical clothing, and early 90s outfits and buying plastic ponies). I think this is only the second kid I've ever owned (somewhere in this house is a Chimchar; I thought I left it on my sewing desk.) One of these days, I'll either take a pic of the Pokemon plushie pile around the phone at my desk at work, bring them all home again for lookings, or something. Pretty much I'm a fires/Eevelutions/Pikachu/first and second gen starters lover. Though I have a soft spot for Chimchar.

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