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Finally an intro post!

Hey all! I've was a lurker for a long time, then kinda just was a member but didn't watch any posts for even longer. I think I've been here at least a year if not more, just in the shadows. I just recently became somewhat active. :)

I used to be completely obsessed with Pokemon cards. I was in 9th grade when the Base TCG set came out and I started collecting cards and playing the TCG like mad. Going to the local BK meets weekly, and the meets at Waldenbooks where you could battle and get gym badges! After 10th grade I kinda lost interest. I've been kinda off an on with it for years. I thought I was finally done last year when I sold my blue DSi and my HG.. and apparently giving away most of my cards, trying to stop me from getting B/W. Well.. It didn't work. I bought Black to play on my fiance's old DS.. And then I found myself buying the Black Reshi/Zekrom DSi (and then giving that Black to my fiance) and then buying White as well. So much for that.. haha :3

Since then I've found myself at the Pokemon Center Kiosks many times. And I'm going to be making a Shelly and/or Team Aqua cosplay as well as getting one of my friends to make my fiance and I Zekrom/Reshi hoodies to wear at PAX. And.. as some of you have seen (either by my posts on GAs, your sales posts, etc) I've been getting back into collecting.. But not cards this time..

I'm currently collecting way too many different Pokemon. I find it really hard to choose a single favorite because I like a lot of them. Right now I've been going after.. Zekrom, Dialga, Chatot, Kyogre, Lapras, Lugia, Treecko, Ho-Oh, Pokabu(I like the Japanese name better), and eventually Chandelure once it has merch out. Also Wartortle because he is my fiance's favorite My collection is still small at the moment.. But I'm waiting for many items in the mail! :D

Now for a pic of my tiny collection atm...

I actually drew the Lugia that fell over. It was originally stuck to the thermostat. XD We didn't have any other place to put the bookshelf.. So we dremeled out a hole for it. The Musharna and large Reshi have actually been sold on eBay so those are no longer there and the Reshi figure is soon to hit eBay as well. x3 Decided not to collect Reshi with Zekrom. Annd the Piplup/Askew are both my fiance's. :)

And here is me... I am a dork.

Anyways... I also wanted to mention I live in Redmond, WA. And I've noticed there are quite a few of you that mentioned going up to the Kiosks. I was wondering if anyone wanted to plan a meetup or something. Maybe run around the mall, get some lunch, maybe draw Pokemon art, and all that jazz! :) I mostly go up to the Alderwood one since its bigger.

I also do Pokemon art and crafts. I'm on DA as PKMNTrainerPurple!
Hopefully this wasn't too long of an intro. :o I'm never good at these things.
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