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I want your Raichu TCGs!

Does someone here happen to have any of these Japanese TCG cards in mint condition?

Raichuu Japanese Base Set Holo Lv. 40 80 HP

Raichuu Japanese Fossil Set Non-holo (if there's one?) Lv. 45 90 HP

Raichuu 36/48 Pokémon *Web Non-holo 80 HP

Warui Raichuu Neo 2 Holo Lv. 31 70 HP

Hikaru Raichuu Neo 4 - Darkness to Light Holo Lv. 30 70 HP

Raichuu ex ADV2 - Miracle of the Desert EX 100 HP

Raichuu ex Emerald Tin/Quick Construction Pack EX 100 HP

Raichuu PCG7 -Illusionic Shadow of Holon Uncommon 80 HP

Raichuu 27/? DP2 -The Mystery of the Lakes Holo (promo) 90 HP

Raichuu World Champions Pack Harvinainen (kiiltävä) 70 HP

Raichuu Entry Pack 2008 DX Rare (either just the card or the whole package with stickers etc.)

Raichuu 114/? Pokémon Collection Challenge Holo (promo) Lv. 39 90 HP

Raichuu 5/15 DPt2 - Bonds to the End of Time (Pikachu Gift Box) Promo Lv. 35 90 HP

Also, I'm interested in Japanese Mr Holon's Project cards ('Tsuwabuki no purojekuto') from any sets.

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