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DVD GA shipping and MEGA SALES!

 Hey guys! Me again :D Firstly...DVD GA payment 3 time! kiiyame   - DVD 7 - $3.50 unboxed, $4.50 boxed .captainangel   - DVD 1 - n/a .kiiyame   - DVD 3 - catch me on msn, we'll organise trades and whatnot B: .kiiyame   - DVD 2 - $3.50 unboxed, $4.50 boxed .kiiyame   - DVD 5 - $3.50 unboxed, $4.50 boxed please send to your_master_is_here@btinternet.com and mark as DVD payment 3 please! Thanks! secondly...mega sales, dead ahead! Me and my boyfriend have done a TON of collection weeding, as both of us have grails that have popped up! includes a flareon jakks, tons of zukans, registeel pokedoll figure, most of my breloom collection and lots of other things!

I live in the UK and I ship worldwide
I accept paypal ONLY unless you live in the UK
Prices do NOT include postage and fees. They are charged seperately.
I deal in USD, ONLY exception is UK residents who can't pay via paypal.
Please state where you live in your order so I can calculate shipping accordingly
I DO accept trades! My wants lists are located:
here: thetroublewithgibles.weebly.com/wanted-list.html
here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8155.html#cutid1
here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8300.html
and here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8547.html
Haggling is welcome! Just don't be offended if I don't accept!
I will hold items for 24 HOURS MAXIMUM unless you're waiting for offers/auctions to end OR I have dealt with you before. After this amount of time has passed I will put your item back on sale. IF YOU INQUIRE ON SHIPPING PRICES AND DO NOT RESPOND TO ME IN 24 HOURS I I WILL SELL YOUR ITEMS IF SOMEONE ELSE IS INTERESTED IN THEM. Sorry guys!
Please put your LJ name and what you purchased in the note section in paypal when you pay for your order
PLEASE DO NOT PM ME OFFERS. I will only count your offer/order if you post in the thread.
Sales permission granted by lineaabla on 31st August, 2010

ULTRA RARE Charizard EX card: Pictures show the damage, but he sleeves up very nicely. Extremely hard to find card! Mint ones go for $100+. I am asking $50 for this guy! Don't be afraid to throw some offers at me!

very rare Blastoise TCG sketch deckbox. The design has some very slight wear/fading and there is a  crack near the lid. Comes with original divider Up for offers! Offers start at $20, minimum accept price: $40

putting my mewtwo collection up for offers :C I am doing this VERY reluctantly. Consists of the electronic jakks, zukan, candy figure, etc. minimum accept price: $50

Houndour DX tomy: has some paint loss on his...bracelets? and a teeny bit on his back things. Up for offers! offers start at $5, minimum accept: $10

cyndaquil DX tomy! has one or two small marks and a touch of paintloss on his flames, hardly any damage. Near mint! Up for offers, starts at $5, minimum accept: $10

skarmory DX tomy: very very battered, has a biro mark on his butt, paint loss on his feet, biro on his left wing and he is missing his tail. I know he is very rare though! Offers start at $5, minimum accept: $5

series 3 TFG's! Suicune: $10, all others $5 each  

series 1 TFG's! BROCK SOLD, others are $5 each. SALAMENCE ON HOLD

articuno zukan; one wing is glued in, but this is extremely rare! $20

rayquaza in the clouds zukan - $15 ON HOLD

paras line zukan: $20 or best offer

feraligatr line, mint:
$15 chikorita line, chiko has peg glued inside her: $6

alakazam line zukan: $20 SOLD
kangaskhan with baby out of pouch: $15  

hippototas/hippowdon zukan - $3

acreus preorder figure - $2 SOLD

torterra line zukan (we also have 3 MIP) - $10 MIP, $8 out of packet

rotom/frost rotom zukan (missing fan rotom) - $2

buruburu (shaking) mareep! You pull the cord in her butt (hehe B:) and she vibrates! Very rare and very cute! $35 or best offer

2005 velboa USA release Umbreon pokedoll! Tag has one crease on pikachu's tail. $25 or best offer

large togepi play by play! Kid for size referance! $10

large play by play blastoise: $10
play by play charizard: $7 or best offer

hasbro elekid and hoothoot: $5 each!


jakks Breloom: has some paint loss on her claws. $7

hasbro thundershock challenge electronic pinball game! Needs new batteries. Will be very costly to ship! Up for offers, offers start at $10, which is also my minimum accept price. 

very rare gengar bubble bath holder, very big! (drifloon kid for size referance!) has a crack on his right hand, so make an offer? be aware shipping will be quite high, as he will need a box! lowest I'll accept: $5

gengar hasbro - $3

gengar yo-yo - $1

pokemon TCG albums! $10 each or best offer

burger king pokeballs! Come with their boxes. Pikachu is MIP!  Charizard is $7, others are $4 each (jigglypuff is missing her stand, but card still fits nicely)

DX tomy blastoise: $8 or best offer, has a few light playmarks!

bandai attack staraptor figure! EU exclusive. Has a lot of playwear on his 'hair' and belly. $5  

charmander talking room guard! This guy is huge XD he has some playwear but I reckon a magic eraser will get most of it off! $10  

giratina DS carry case: $5

PAL region pokemon DVD's! $7 each

D/P pokedex! fully working, will come with batteries! $10

plusle, wailmer and skiploom totem pole figures: you can stack them up :D $5 each togepi lollypop holder: $3 Torchic TFG (baseless, has a real neat clear stand instead!) $5

jakks figures! $2 each

burger king TCG card holders! very cute! $1 each PIPLUP AND PIKACHU SOLD

dialga and empoleon thinkchip figs: $1 each (both have damage) torterra mint thinkchip: $3 SOLD

clear deoxys defense kid: $6 or best offer!

black and white kid figures! $3 each, apart from reshiram who is $5 or best offer SNIVY SOLD, RESHIRAM ON HOLD

attack vaporeon, attack flygon: $10 each or best offer SOLD togekiss: $3 others: $1 each (pikachu has some playwear, magic eraser should get it off) breloom: $2 SOLD squirtle squad squirtle: $4 sentret, wailmer, magikarp, drifloon: $2 each all others: $1 each WAILMER AND MAGIKARP ON HOLD GASTLY, WURMPLE, CLEFAIRY, ROSELIA SOLD

playworn kids: $0.50c each! ABOMASNOW SOLD

rare ANA pokemon fan from 2001! features very cute and original artwork of johto pokemon! $6

cacnea deluxe yujin figure: $3 SOLD

BK charmander (still lights up!) $2

weavile EU candy toy: $5 or best offer SOLD


soulsilver DS pouch: $5

blastoise game boy pouch: $3

russian exclusive metal tazos: $1 each

pikachus are $2 each

blastoise bank is $5 SOLD

electivire poseable figure is $2

vulpix magnet MIP is $6 or best offer!

custom gible hat made by hazuza: $15

popular metal dogtags: $1 each. I have loads that I haven't photographed, contact me if youre interested! JOLTEON, ARTICUNO AND UMBREON SOLD

Tags: breloom, cards, celebi, entei, espeon, flareon, gengar, groudon, group auction, kids, kyogre, lapras, raichu, raikou, rayquaza, registeel, sales, umbreon, zukan
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