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Charmander bell plush and a few wants thrown in

Hello fellow collectors! Not sure if you're allowed to ask, but how much do bell plush charmander's usually go for? AKA is $35 including postage a rip off? Seems quite a bit (he is so gosh darn cute though) I haven't seen any for sale on here so can't compare.
Or if anyone does have one for sale I'd rather buy from the comm to be honest. THANK YOU :D

Sorry no pictures but LJ won't let me upload anything. Guh.

and a few wants for good measure :P

Charmander kids (they always seem to elude me)
Charmander roller stamp
Ratatta, Misty, Brock, Jessie and James tomys (the big human figures)
Charmander marble bag
Someone who owns many of the base set/ jungle and fossil cards so I can bulk buy a load to help complete my collection (only about 30-40 to go!)

and 2 grails= charmander pokedoll and charmander zukan line (even bits :P). Yeah I can dream :P

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