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Hoenn Pokedoll wants!(and one from Johto :3)

The last time I've gotten my hands on mostly Johto Pokedolls and some I really wanted at that, so I thought something else would be nice for a change. I've got this really huge nostalgia vibe going on for Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, so I'd like merch specific for Hoenn Pokemon and so on a lot^^(just random merch like cookie tins, bed sheets or whatever XD , not figures and preferably from japan ;3. Mainly with the three starters, Beautifly, Swablu, Skitty,  Plusle, Minun, Spinda  or Jirachi on it.^^).  But I've also got a few specific Pokedoll wants, which I might as well list right away, here goes! 

- Mudkip 10th Anniversary Pokedoll (I'm really sorry about getting so annoying about it, but I just really like it so much and want it to complete my R/S/E starters trio.^^ I'd give anything for it x-x)

- Plusle Pokedoll or DX/jumbo/giant Pokedoll(the latter one would be somewhat grail like to me^^)

- Minun Pokedoll or DX/jumbo/giant Pokedoll

- Spheal Pokedoll

And last but not least a Pokedoll want from Johto (despite the title XD)

- Wooper Pokedoll

I'll offer as much as I can on each individual wanted item, so I really hope you guys can help me get some of them^^ (Mudkip and Wooper especially ;3)

Tags: altaria, beautifly, jirachi, minun, mudkip, plusle, pokedolls, skitty, spheal, spinda, swablu, treecko, wanted, wooper
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