rairai42 (rairai42) wrote in pkmncollectors,

 Hey guys, my second post!!!! 
So..I think I like this comm so far :P and just checking out people's posts and stuff is fun! Even if I'm not buying stuff it is fun to look..just..not too hard.. xD Anyway, I thought maybe I'd post a list of my big wants and stuff while I figure out getting a photo of my miniature collection hehe. These are the things I just would really like to get and some I know I probably never will- but like anyway (and I know, some are just frustrating to find anywhere..I'm not a big collector really, I just kinda feel like getting stuff of my favorite pokemon if I really like it):

Raichu Super Dx FUZZY plush (Oh my goodness so cute!)
Flareon canvas (would be nice if I could ever find this for a somewhat reasonable price :/ but it's so pretty! I'd probably get this before the vaporeon one if I did get one)
Raichu Lt. Surge Kid
UFO Raikou (I think the cutest Raikou plush I've seen)
Raikou kid
Raikou tfg figure? (? because it's so cool but I don't know if I'd get it for sure..kinda expensive)
cool Rapidash figure (don't really know what's out there)
Spheal kid or adorable figure
Voltorb kid (if it exists?) Or some kind of cute ball or something- this would be for a good friend- who loves it for some odd reason
cool Dewgong stuff (if only there was an adorable dewgong plush- haven't seen any)

      -So yeah these are just some things I'm kinda keeping an eye on. If you wanna help, then cool :P I'm trying to prioritize my wants..and will probably update this, but right now it's pretty solid. Also, I'm kinda picky and may do a bit of thinking on stuff. And..I guess I know what a grail is now so..I'd consider the Raichu plush to be my grail of sorts. It's just so cute... The flareon is very cool too and up there on my list. Thanks for readin!!

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