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collection update, photostory style!

Last night found me with a good camera, boredom, and a realization that I've only done the one collection post - and have bought lots since then! Therefore, I figured it was time to do another. ;D
But this isn't just any collection update - it's a photo story, and one that took me hours to do... mostly because I was giggling the whole time while putting it together. I hope you find it as amusing as I did. ^w^
There are 17 images under the cut. I couldn't downsize them too much, so I just figured I'd warn those with slower connections. ^^;

I won't be doing the collection showing though - I left that to a little friend of mine, courtesy of bluest_mercury. If you haven't seen her work or even commissioned her, you seriously should! Her plushies are soooo cute! <3

Yaaaay! I applaud you if you managed to sit through my goofiness for this long! xD; You also get a cookie if you laughed at my bad jokes, and an extra one if you catch the 'same duck time, same duck channel' reference. :D

Now for a couple of notes and thank yous:
zannid, for the amazing Charizard fabric. I might not be able to make pants, but it will be put to good use rest assured! Maybe an upcycled t-shirt corset? 8D
dezchu, for the awesome Inflatizard from a random GA. Thanks so much for letting me get my hands on such a unique find!
gabtizzle, for the electronic pokedex~ I got it ages ago, but I forgot to show it in my first update. Squee decided to put it to good use, though.
eevee_kins, once again, for beanie butt Charizard. xD My friend and his brother used to have ALL the Hasbro beanies - but this 'zard always eluded them. D: One day I showed my friend the community, and he told me his story. Luckily, I'd seen the beanie in multiple sales posts, and he asked if I could get him one and he'd get me the money. Huzzah, another Pokemon fan assisted by this wonderful community~ ^.^
kiiyame, for the trade! I hope your end reached you safely, and I hope you enjoy the game! <3
shiny_vulpix, for a bunch of my new Tomys.
pantherotter, for the Charizard TFG. I loooove the detail on this little guy!

Like Squee said, there's still a handful or two of Tomys left to arrive (won a small lot with some the other day!), along with two more plush, and a couple of other goodies. So excitedddd~
Oh, and Squee's name comes from the fact that there's a squeaker inside of her. Along with those pin eyes, she's one of the cutest plush I own by far!

***Regarding the strike***
I've been keeping an eye on the cities involved in the strike since day one. Certain cities are striking for 24 hours, and then business will resume as usual... as usual as it can get during a strike, anyway.
That being said, regarding the model GA... I have a few days off this week (finally!), so I will go to the post office to get some estimates. :)
It's also been recently announced that parcel delivery will only be three days a week, for those of you in Canada who are concerned. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be the delivery dates.

Anyway, that's it from me for now! Thanks for looking~ <3
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