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Amazing Kid GA mailed out, gets post and wants post!

HI EVERYONE. Thank you all for your patience. As promised, I mailed everyone who paid for their shipping payments out on Saturday. However, things did not go as well as planned. I don't want to type a "sob" story haha, but as you know I had 80 packages to mail and there was only 1 person working there for a while. As I mailed them a line formed that went out the door haha. I would have split the packages up, but I had an appointment that day and I work so i cannot get to the post office before it closes so it will be a while before the next mail haha. BUT YES, there was the usual people groaning and moaning pfft. If they were nicer I would be more inclined to let them pass xD And then the worker was also like "oh my god oh my god" at me quietly like I can't hear her. -_- I said that no one persons time is more important than the others, so I got here first and I have stuff to do and I need to mail them xD IF I COULD MAIL ALL THIS AGAIN, I WOULD <3 BUT ANYWAYS. YOUR STUFF IS MAILED <3 You should expect it in the next week for USA peoples and in the next few weeks for international.

For people's reference it is this GA here:

facelessfollowr  - Sorry >_< You paid after I sent the packages so I will let you know when I send it out as I'm not sure of a shipping date now.

iceicesneasel  - You need to pay for your final shipping post. Please refer to my previous post.


As requested! SIZE COMPARISION. If you didn't meet my seal before, he is 40 inches long ;) 3+ feet. HAHAHAHAHAH NOT LYING
For the xxiiijameiiixx GA, everyone paid and I paid him on Friday! I'll let you all know when it gets here. It might be a while to calcalate shipping payments because of the various sizes of figures involved. Thanks again for your patience <3

NOW MY GETS. Thank you so much Brian for working with me on getting the photo frame. I am the proud owner of an N Reshiram photo frame =D

crapty ipod picture. I will show it off later ;_; with my other gets. But I'm so excited for this! Expensive but worth it =D

Now for my wants post. I DESPERATELY want this. I've seen it around forever but of course, now that I want it, I can't find it anywhere. PLEASE SOMEONE SELL ME A GOLBAT FCS FIGURE ;-;

Image taken from slothyshroom's website here:

If you want me to take it off, let me know. <333 Just found it through google xD
Tags: golbat, group auction, reshiram
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