Okapifeathers (okapifeathers) wrote in pkmncollectors,


has anyone heard from stymphalid  at all? outside of LJ?

we used to be bros and when i went to japan last year i got her two plushies, one as a gift and one as a trade for something important for my collection. we talked and i sent the plushies and i never worried because we were already bros, but this year she seems to have disappeared. i waited and waited some more and tried to get her to reply to my PMs, but no luck.

i hope she's ok and everything, and i really don't care that i sent her two plushies, but i really would like the thing she was trading me.

if you're wondering, it was a paper burger king bag with the nidoking line on it. do you have any idea how lucky i am that she decided to keep it? well, i guess i'm not that lucky, since she's vanished. any info would be great, but it doesn't seem like she had many friends here... idk.

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