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quick auction!

Im chucking these 4 plush up for auction/offers!
Most of these are very recent gets, but im selling on as either they were too big, im not fond of them OR because they are not what I expected.
Please read under the cut for info.
I also have 2 figures for direct sale (a ho-oh tomy pose figure (?) and the lugia one too, both mint in packets with flattened boxes)

As follows, no bitching no whining no sniping no bidding what you dont have etcetcetc
Auction will go on for about 5 days or when interest dies down. If im not happy with the result i have all rights to refuse sale.
I ship from the uk to ANYWHERE

Right! Lets get on with this!

Giantassmew! This thing is alot bigger than I expected. All in good condition from what I see. Banpresto made, has hang string and tush tag, no other tags.
Starting at $15

(please be warned this may cost a bit to ship internationally)

Banpresto 2008 mew (i think) tush tag only, in PERFECT condition, super soft and cuddly
Starting at $20

Another picture here -

Banpresto, has all tags, in perfect condition!
Starting at $15

Banpresto made in 2000
Has all tags in very nice condition considering his age! He does have a mark on his face mask, I asked my mum about cleaning it but she thinks its sun damage so I left it as it is.
Bad picture here :

Starting at $15


Ho-Oh tomy pose figure, I think. Mint in packet comes with flattened box or I can make it up for you to keep it safe in post.

Same as above, cept this is lugia!

Happy bidding people :)
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