Cassandra (lil_rebbitzen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

question plus a late intro

Hrrrrrgh so has anyone heard from kylie_fanatic ? I'm still trying to get in touch with him ._. I'm going to PM him again, but could someone PM me his address maybe? Maybe we can get an answer via snail mail. I'm also going to try emailing him. Something has to get through somehow :|

Okay, now then. I don't think I ever posted an intro post, and that was silly. so here is a very late one :)

My name is Cassandra, but everyone either calls me Cass or Dassa. I'm 22 and I've been into Pokemon for most of the time it's been out (started when it first came out, took a 6 year hiatus after GSC, came back for HGSS). For the time I've been a fan, I've been interested in Team Rocket, particularly Giovanni, and also Fearow and Spearow. My love has grown into several side collections, and a few mains. But my MAIN MAN is Fearow. I'm a bit sad they turned him into a glass cannon later on, but I still love it to death, due to having an amazing one in Yellow years ago :) What sort of merchandise does he have, anyway?

(all the pre-evos bb)(and the evos)

(and pre-evos)(and pre-evos)

Side collections:

(all the 'saurs)(and all the pre-evos)(and the evos)
(and the evos)
(and maybe a few I can't think of)

I am currently clearing room for my collection so hopefully I can do a collection post soon :)

Also, for those wondering, while I wasn't able to go to any big stores in Israel to check for poggles, I DID find an old Mewtwo Strikes Back book in Hberew on Ebay 8D I'm going to practice my Hebrew on it! Atfer some things calm down and I get some sort of income (here's hoping I can find a job), I'm going to check Hebrew toy sites and see if I can't find something :)

That's all I can think of for now. How is everyone?

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I also have breaks_ground as another username here /derp. I sometimes forget to change accounts or, if it's my phone, it refuses to change usernames for me. :)
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