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Offers please!

Im really wanting to sell these items now because my wedding is in only 2 weeks and we still dont have some things paid for (flowers, decorations etc) I'm opening these to offers since I dont know if I put them up for too high last time.

Any offer considered! I ship from the UK so please bear postage costs in mind! I havent put these under a cut because for me, cuts arnt working (as in, I click the link and nothing happens, I didnt know if this was just me or everyone! Sorry to be a pain)

Wooper is SOLD

Raikou is banpresto and pokedoll, suicune pokedoll and magikarp custom


All megabloks are avaliable at the moment (sorry for the small picture, didnt want to take up space!!)

Tags: growlithe, gulpin, magikarp, mightyena, raikou, sales, suicune, wingull
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