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Mini Collection Update + Questions <3

Hiya, I posted my intro a few days ago with some pictures of some of the stuff I already own, since then I added a few more things that I found and bought to my collection and sorted out a place to keep it all! :D I also want to ask if anyone can give me some information about some of the random stuffs I have. =]

Whaat ammmm i~ :(


So, after spending a good few hours clearing old stuff out of my room and rearranging it (Swapped some things around, moved my wardrobe.. Fun way to spend my weekend. >.>) I blame you guys for making me wanna sort my collection out. D<

My bedroom is an attic room so I have a sloped ceiling :l I moved the book case/cabinet out from behind my bed and swapped it with something else so I have somewhere to put my things, as I couldn’t open the cabinet while it was behind my bed. The top shelf has already been taken over but I still have books and other crap on the other two shelves.. for now.. >.>

Few new figures, pretty much all Tomy I think... Found out the manga book I bought while in japan, and old polly pocket type play set with golem in (I’d REALLY like to know if he was the one that was supposed to be with this set, I’ve a feeling I got the play set from a car boot sale as this wasn’t the one that me or my brother were given as gifts – I had the forest one with Pikachu and Oddish and I can’t remember what my brother had, but I think it had a charmander that he lost when he opened it and was never found. xD;
Edit ~ So I found a set on ebay that has both the figures in it - it came with squirtle and poliwhirl. So where did Golem come from!? D<
I want my forest set back, can't seem to find it anywhere. :(

Also in this pic – the Aerodactyl I’d like info on, he’d really small and flexible (And dusty – oops. >.>) and has a rectangular slot in his base, I’ve no idea what it is. :s

Would also like to know about that large Pikachu thing, it has a few chips, I think its ceramic.. It has a string coming from its head as well as a thinner one inside, I wondered if it was supposed to be a bell or something but lost its.. bell part.. idk. >.> Also got a pop out flying saucer there from a magazine, can’t remember if I included it before, a few more figures, stickers and stuff.. 2 of the temporary tattoos blutacked to the baack.. xD

I got more sticks! :D I really want to try and get the entire set of these but I have no idea what there is out there, if anyone could show me a list or something I’d really appreciate it. I just got squirtle (along with some others) So I now have all the 151 starters. I noticed that some have thicker ‘handles’ than others so I was wondering if maybe there were different series of them? These four all have the thinner handles but the other 4 I own have the thicker ones.

Jigglypuff and Chansey. :D Just got the chansey one, when it arrived it had sticky stuff and dust all over it :( Yay 10 year old left over lollipop? I’m pretty happy with the condition of Chansey though, most of the ones I have are missing paint and stuff but I think this is one of the ones in best condition – even if the handle does have chew marks. >.>

Sandshrew (again) – managed to get some of the pink mark off him when I cleaned the new ones of sticky dusty ick D: I was worried to scratch the paint though. And a pokeball haha, would be really cool if they did all of the balls but I doubt it. :(

aaand this is embarrassing. I didn’t realise he was so dusty, things like this makes me wish I didn’t have such an expensive camera, I apologise for the state he is in >.> but I can’t be bothered to go clean him and retake the pictures now. xD; But anyways, I want to know what he is! O: I can’t remember where I got him – probably a car boot sale. Someone must know something about it? xD It looks like its come off something, as it has a rectangular slit in the bottom. It also has “142” (Aerodactyl’s dex number – I had to look it up to be sure :P) and”BP” marked on it – like from the mold, I don’t know what to call it.
Thats a Tomy mew beside him, if you're wondering the size of it.

Here he is from behind.

Thanks for looking! Sorry for the wall of text and picture spam, and if anyone has any imformation on anything I’d really appreciate it. :D
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