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stuffs for sale + wtb

Good morning (from here, that is).  I have some things for sale today, including an epic Raikou tin:

What's so epic about a plain old Raikou tin, you ask? Well, it is because inside there are OVER 9000 160 CARDS! So if you like cards, they are a mixture of cards from hg/ss, undaunted, unleashed, triumphant, stormfront, platinum acreus, diamond and pearl, even some b&w, including lots of random goodies like holos and other rare cards (like Entei/Suicune, Lv X Arceus, etc...) It's like a mystery box of cards! ^_^

Other items of interest are a shiny Beedrill mod, Jirachi jakks plush, and Meowth! =)

MY RULES CAN BE FOUND HERE. If you are unsure about anything, please read them. If you're good, just keep in mind the following:
Payment is PAYPAL ONLY.
Shipping is via FIRST CLASS.
* I received sales permission from lineaalba on july 22, 2010.

Do try to respond to my comments as promptly as possible! I understand not getting notifications but just bookmark this page if that is a problem! If there are multiple people interested in an item, it won't do to keep everyone waiting! If you are just checking up on prices and are not interested, say so, I won't mind. HOWEVER, backing out after you've made it clear of your intent to buy will result in negative feedback.

Onto the sales! All prices are negotiable.. XD

For the Raikou tin, which I've described thoroughly above, I am looking for around $25 SHIPPED anywhere on earth. Feel free to haggle though. This is probably a bit of a loss on my part but I'm out of room for my boxes of cards, sadly, so I've decided to weed out a bit. Keep in mind it contains 160+ cards, from sets like stormfront, arceus, unleashed, triumphant, and I've mixed in some rares and holos, including Entei/Suicune and Arceus level X. =)
I'm also open to if you want just the cards and not the tin, it'd be about $20 shipped.

Jirachi jakks plush: $10 (she is mint, but her tag is not in great condition, I guess the store employees squashed it. D: Although I don't usually keep jakks tags on, I've left this so you can do whatever you like with it.)
Hasbro Staraptor cart: $2
Hasbro Sharpedo: $1 (good condition, mouth opens and closes when you press on his fin)

Zekrom kid: $6 (mint with sticker)
Heatran zukan: $6 (minty) get Heatran megablock free with purchase
Registeel zukan: $7 (mint) get Registeel megablock free with purchase
Registeel chou get: $1 or free with purchase of Registeel zukan
Skymin figure: $3 (feels like a kid, but isn't)

BK Golduck: $1
Jakks Meowth: $5 (excellent condition, has only been on display since I bought him) 
Wormadam kid: $2 (mint)
Beedril tomy mod - shiny recolor: $5?    here's the turnaround

I had a beedrill tomy lying around for no apparent reason so I decided to recolor him, yay! Painted w/ acryllics and sealed by me. Leaving him here in case any bug collector wants him...although I don't know how many people like poor Beedrill, IT'S ALL ABOUT THOSE FLIPPIN' PINK BUTTERFREE, ISN'T IT. Well, I like Butterfree too but I wouldn't mind keeping this guy, he looks like a cool alien (or have I been playing too much metroid).

Also, the zukan/chou bases are free with purchase, just let me know what you'd like. If you want them individual for whatever reason just offer something.

WANTS: I am currently looking for a LATIOS, Tepig, and Drillbur/Excadrill pan stickers.. (More I need information on the last because I'm not sure the moles have got stickers yet..does anyone know?)  But if you are selling pan stickers in general or similar, please link me to your post so I can look around - I am in need of a couple more stickers for my closet wall.. XD
Also, if anyone's got a Dialga pokemon for sale I'd like to take a look... =)
That is all. Thank you for reading!
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