larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

shiny dog zukans up for grabs

hey again! apologies for posting the next day with another sale, but extenuating circumstances involving Father's Day this weekend and a sudden upcoming holiday forced my hand. the items are new and not from any prior sales post, so hope it is OK! anyway...

these are the items on sale today - tons and tons of legendary dog zukans, all NIP.

these are the quantities available. plenty of Suicunes to go round, and just one Celebi Diorama one.

WHAT'S LEFT: 1x Entei, 8x Suicune

each Zukan would be $9.80 shipped worldwide.

if you get a set of three, it'd be $23 shipped. all out of Raikous!

you can combine shipping with items from my sales post if you like. all rules pertaining to this sale are stated in my sales post. I am shipping from Singapore!

thanks for reading!
Tags: sales
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