Panda (maractus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

TCG grab bags + individual sales

First off, sorry for having two posts on the front page, but we wanted to get this up ~ASAP~ (I can delete the other post if needed)
My brother decided he's selling all his TCG cards except the sets currently in rotation, so we have a bunch to sell~!

There are literally hundreds, so we are trying to sell them off in grab bags before selling each individually
Each one is $5 + $1.50 shipping/fees and includes 25 cards: 4 rares, 1 holofoil, 10 uncommons and 10 commons (a lot are NOT mint condition, just be aware). They're from all sets except HGSS and B&W, but if you're looking for a certain Pokemon and/or set, let me know c=

Also for sale today are some singles of more "popular" cards, including Promos and ex-s
Shipping is from Michigan (United States)
Shipping starts at $1 for a plain envelope with cardboard protection
Feel free to haggle

Celebi ex $2
Kingdra ex $3
Groudon ex Offer
Scyther ex $2.50
Salamence ex Offer
Regirock ex Offer
Exploud ex $2.50
Chansey ex $2

Sharpedo ex $3.50
Skarmory ex $1
Deoxys ex $5
Lapras ex $1.50
Mewtwo ex $6

Latias $1
Mewtwo $2
Flareon $1.50
Raichu $1
Milotic $1
Espeeon $2

All $1

Mew $2
Celebi $1.50
All others $1

Please offer; it's not in the best condition; as you can see, the edges are peeling slightly
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