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What's in the box? + Spooky Candle line collection update~

So it's been a while since I hosted another collection update huh? ;A; Well the candle line has still been growing! Just been focusing more on Chandelure and Litwick. <3 I also got a surprise under here, and I bet you'll never guess who's inside~ Fair warning though under the cut is full of huge images. 8C





It's a shiny Oshawott! ;A; My best friend for life made this for me. I am a manager at JoAnns so when I stock up the new product if I see anything customizable I'm there. I found these tiny boxs the other day and was like "8C" and bought a few for wishuponjirachi because I am cool like that. I drew out what I wanted, and this little guy is my first Oshawott in a while, as well as my first shiny one! <3

Once upon a time ago I was an Oshawott collector but I had only collected smaller Pokemon (Milotic and Froslass) before him and became overwhelmed with his merch. Then out came the candle line and I fell head over heels for him! Though lately with summer around the corner my store has been going with an "Under the Sea" theme and reminded me of all the watery-like merch I got with Oshawott. I love this little thing so much. <333

Alright time to shut up about otters and talk about the real little guy who you came to see!

Anyway, speaking of Jirachi you know I've got like... a bajillion more things from her. Here's them all!



First up is my Chandelure pendant! I won it in Jirachi's Zodiac auctions and just walked over to her place to pick it up since we're neighbors. I hadn't seen any of the pendants until then, and ffffff it was so worth the buy. It's hard to see all the fine detail put into them via photos, but in person it's lovely enough that I've been wearing it alot. ;A;

Second is a Pisces Zodiac necklace featuring my two fave babies. She made this for me as an extra out of the rest and as a bribe to not let me participate in her auction but ftw I can't saw no to Chandelure and I love it dearly. C':

Then there's the boys! I have two OC girly princes named Pearl and Lapis! You may remember Pearl if you saw my former Oshawott collection since he always wore a crown! However, I have two custom pokedolls of a shiny Litwick and a normal Litwick and their colors are... well you see the resemblance lol! I ordered a piece of art from ruenis and then Jirachi wanted to make figurines and did! They're huge too! <3

Lastly I got this gift from Jirachi on a bad day. I happen to like Yamask alot, and always wanted a scene like this. I love it and the sparklyness of them! ;A;

These were some plushes I bought off of kassia9 who held auctions for them. I let them go in the auctions, as I didn't have my paycheck yet and was heartbroken for a while (my face looked just like that emote on the right lol) and then I saw her sell them on deviantart when I got my paycheck and was like "YUSH C8" and bought them! The shiny Litwick has been my travel buddy for a while! I've never had a traveling buddy either ;A; He goes with me everywhere! <3

All these customs are made by li_kichi   who is super sweet and I am in love with her customs! You guys don't even know. ;u; She draws Chandelure in  particular way that I just love and I dream of having all her styles of customs on my shelves. <3 I seriously can't say enough that you need her customs in her life - I mean holographic artwork? Bitch please. That's incredible. C8

You know who makes awesome customs and never posts about them? hi_mit_su is great with stamps and sculptures, and I'm very happy to own these! I can finally start stamping Litwick on my packages now fdksl;gdsaja just have to go and buy the right stamp ink! For the price I paid for these, I was floored to see them attached to fine wood like that. If she opens commissions, be all over them. C':

What collection post would this be without a froth at the mouth official item? I got this pan sticker from Gin and ffff it's in perfect condition! I got it when another member was kind enough to pass on it for me. ;; Thank you, thank you, thank you hun! <3

Of course I have Irene's customs! You kidding me? I would have had these ages ago if the mail hadn't lost the first set of them. ;A; She was very kind and reprinted a bach for me! I feel so... complete with her tags since I've gotten a tag from her of every collection I have. XD

Yeah I'm crazy enough to freak over the shopping bags that hold my baby's line on them. 8C A super big thank you to aburamechan for showing this off to me and then telling me where they purchased it! Thank you and holy crap it's huge! I was shocked by the size since I'm used to the small bags at the pokecenter. I hope there's a Litiwkc bag one day. ;u;

route22 made these buttons for me off of another community! I never visit the community but I'm so glad I bumped into it that day and saw them taking commissions! If they acquire sales permission - or want to for that matter - I would say you should pick up some buttons. They're the HUGE type of buttons which are always my fave. Not to mention cute style, yes? C':

I won this in the last custom bell plush auction hosted by flag ! I am one of those super paranoid "FFFFF must get my faves before someone else does because it's exclusive!" people and now I have all of the normal line, and most of the shiny line. I love the flame of this one it's just so... D'AW. 8C

I am a fan of perspective use so when I saw porcupine_paws open commissions for these small pieces of work I knew I would be happy with the result. The Chandelure is my favorite, simply because of the detail poured into the blue flames! Good perspective use too. C;


I had never seen anything like the custom tins wilowispz makes, but I am happy to be an owner of one. I loved how every little idea I had in mind they applied to this small tin! No to mention the crisp and clean style~ I hope to get a matching Chandelure tin one day. C':

This little guy was a gift to me from Jirachi! She bought him off a friend of hers on deviantart. I never knew what needle felting was, or seen a product of it but when I got this it was love at first sight! I was so interested in it because it's so soft yet firm? Like, where had needle felting been my whole life? I want a Chandelure so bad. Anyone else do crafts like this? ;D

This pin came from shiny_s who has the cutest art I mean dsjga;jsgj;as LOOK. I got a Darkrai pin for Jirachi for her birthday, and the user was so quick to ship that it came just in time! I loved the blue hues in the shading as well, it's a very refreshing color application to Litwick. C;

gappamaki made these for me! Another user who draws Chandelure just how I like them~ The style was very unique from most custom charms I've seen, and while it's not here the style especially shows in the amazing Zebstrika I got as well. C:

Now is the progress of the shelves! I have decided to buy another set of shelves... one that you know... will be able to host all my growing shiny Litwicks. He needs his own shelf and I'm sure Lampent is tired of sharing. ;u; Next time you see me hopefully the shelves will be in! I will also host more official items that I forgot to grab single pictures of, and not everything is on the shelves yet...


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