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Group Buy? + new love?

 First thing, just wanted to say that I had exams today and could not ship out your items from Captainangel's GA yet, but now that I have more time (one more exam to go though), I will surely ship out your items within a week! <3
I apologize in advance for my delay! ;_;

Another thing now....lucario thought about me and found this on British eBay:

The title of these is: "Pokemon racer large launchers with figures," and I am pretty curious....of course, as a manta ray collector, I want the Mantyke....thing. Though I am curious at how it works and so on. So now my question is, would somebody be interested in the Pikachu one? It is for bids, but I don't think anybody else would be interested in these. It would be about 19.25$ with shipping included within the UK....so would somebody like to get the Pika part for 9.25$? :)
i won't get it probably if nobody else will :)

And now....I probably have a new love...

I think that's....partly thanks to [info]jirachi_chan6 with those pretty necklaces you made, I have a BIG thing for horoscopes, as I am Aries myself......and who could resist this cute cotton candy Pokemon? XD
Now my question, what merchandise does Whimsicott have so far?
I REALLY would like to get the pokedoll, and I have seen four sellers on eBay, all selling that Whimsicott pokedoll for 29.99$, BUT ALL four seller have the same picture......you think that it's still "ok" to get it from either of them? (of course, depends on their feedback and so on) I would love to get the Whimsicott pokedoll with all its tags :)

I started realizing that Generation 5 has a lot of Pokemon I love in quantity...........no other Generation there has such a big quantity of Pokemon I love as for Gen 5. Even the Best Wishes anime is so much fun atm (since I didn't enjoy the episodes from Generation 3 and 4)! <333
I didn't like Swadloon at first, but Ash Swadloon is so cute and kickass! <333
Cofagrigus creeped me out at first with its cry, now I think it's awesome! 
(I might end up getting too much Gen 5 merch......)
Tags: mantyke, pikachu, whimsicott
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