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Old Treasures

Today my fiance's dad went through some old stuff and apparently they collected A LOT of figures and other treasures when Pokémon first came out. From Burger King Kid's Meal toys to limited edition 23k gold plates to post cards and an old comic book.

So I went through all of them and [tried] to take some decent photos. I apologise for the crappy quality of most of these (and the dates), as it can't be helped. Our camera is very old and is in dire need of being replaced.

Anyway, onto our findings!

Lots of figures that were stored away in a box. The plastic plate thingies in the back light up or talk or do something - some of them still work!

Close up on half of the figures!



23k gold plates. Only one missing is Togepi. (Again, sorry for the blurry photo).

Jigglypuff plate.

Poliwhirl plate, if you can't tell.

Mewtwo plate.

Pikachu plate.

Charizard plate.


An old comic book that my fiance got a looong time ago.

Some older issues of Nintendo Power. c:

Charmander tin! He liked Charmander back then, now his favorite is Litwick. xD


Postcard book! Some of the postcards inside were already ripped out.

First page of postcards.

Second page. The third and fourth pages are gone.

Last page. Eevee is my favorite. c:


This thing is a background set for punch-out paper action figures.


The "action figures" that it came with. D:


I don't really know what these are for, but they look neat!

Bad close-up shot of one of the pages. D:



Ho-oh came today in the mail from usakochan! c: Snorlax and Bulbasaur are old plush that we found in the closet. Salamence Kid from Amazon! As for Muuna...it was a lucky find. :D

Well I think that's it!
Though I'm sure he has even more Pokémon stuff that he's hiding from me, but I'm too lazy to go look for them. xD We're probably going to sell a lot of this old stuff to make room for the new merchandise!
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